Donation Acceptance Policy

The Taub Center relies upon and is grateful for the generous donations of individuals, foundations, and nongovernmental organizations to carry out its work. In order to protect the integrity and independence of our work, the Taub Center has certain restrictions in place on the types of donations it can accept. We do not accept any government funding, and carefully consider other funding sources according to a set of guiding principles in place to protect our neutrality. To learn more about donations to the Taub Center, please contact our Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Michal Ben-Dov:

Research Planning and Research Partnerships Policy

The Taub Center’s collaborative research planning process ensures that we produce the highest quality research on the most important social policy questions facing Israeli society. To do so, we consider research proposals submitted by our in-house research team, research ideas from our premier policy program fellows and International Advisory Council, and research topics recommended by various stakeholders including Knesset Members, government ministries, civil society, philanthropy and others. The research plan is ultimately drafted by our senior management team and policy program chairs. To learn more about our research, please contact our Director of Research, Alex Weinreb:

Organizational Excellence

The Taub Center has served as a trusted resource to policymakers and the public since its founding in 1982. In keeping with our reputation for promoting excellence in Israel’s policymaking, we also strive for excellence in our operations, and have instated an Organizational Excellence policy to ensure that our work meets the highest standards of non-profit management. To this end, the Taub Center Board of Directors engages a qualified external consultant to periodically review the Center’s operational and management procedures. Following this evaluation, recommendations are submitted by the consultant for approval by the Board and implemented by our professional staff. To learn more about our organizational excellence policy, please contact our Director of Finance & Operations, Mira Golan: