Timeline: The Coronavirus in Israel


It's hard to keep track of all of the different stages in Israel's coronavirus response, and how the response has...

The COVID-19 crisis and its impact on the education system: First impressions


Prof. Andreas Schleicher is the Director for Education and Skills and Special Adviser on Education Policy to the Secretary General...

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  • Taub Center Staff

An unprecedented year for Israel’s social welfare system


A new calendar year has only just begun, but the third lockdown in a year threw Israelis into an all...

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Left at home, but not left behind


It has become increasingly clear that the massive rise in infection preceding Israel's second lockdown had much less to do...

Let’s not just return to normalcy: the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity for change


In recent months, many studies have been published on the long-term consequences of the coronavirus crisis and subsequent school closures....

Is opening schools the right decision? An Interview with Taub Center Education Policy Program Chair Nachum Blass published in The Marker


Nachum Blass, you have been researching education for 50 years. Is the Ministry of Education ready for the start of...

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Viral Economics – The Social and Economic Aspects of the Pandemic


Research and data Future Labor Market: Coronavirus could accelerate automation in Israel’s labor market – are we prepared? Alex Weinreb about the...

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Viral Economics – Latest Coronavirus Trends


1) For the first ten days after the intensive closures of offices and restaurants began on March 15, the daily increase...

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