Zvi Feine

Born in New York, USA, in 1942, Zvi made Aliyah to Israel in 1960. He has five children and twelve grandchildren in Israel. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and received his Doctorate from the School of Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania.

Zvi was Deputy-Director of JDC-Israel for thirty years. Following that, until his retirement in 2010, he served JDC as Director for Africa and Asia. In addition, for eighteen years he held the position of Chairman of the Board of ESHEL (the Association for the Planning and Development of Services for the Aged in Israel) – JDC’s major partnership with the Government of Israel in carrying out its programs for the aged in Israel. He is also a former Director of the Hebrew University’s Schwartz Program – now Master’s Degree program in Project Management.

In previous years, Zvi was JDC Consultant on Social Services for many countries including Morocco, France, Romania and trans-migrant programs in Vienna and Rome. He was also Chief Program Officer for AJJDC-New York in 2001-2002, which included the role of Area Director for Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. He served for over five years as JDC Country Director for Poland (1989-1995) and gave almost nineteen years of service as JDC Country Director for Romania (1988-2005), providing professional support for the Jewish community’s youth programs, as well as its health and social services, with an emphasis on aiding elderly, indigent Jews.

Since his retirement in 2010, Zvi has provided high-level consultation to various non-profit organizations in Israel, such as Melitz (Jewish and Zionist pluralistic education) and Shekel (rehabilitation of developmentally disabled young adults). He continues his volunteer work as Senior Consultant to JDC, as well as teaching an annual course in ‘Managing Philanthropy’ at the Schwartz Program, at the Baerwald School of Social Work of the Hebrew University. He has also served as Acting Director of the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel, for most of 2015.