Timeline: The Coronavirus in Israel


How has Israel's response to the coronavirus crisis developed over time?

It’s hard to keep track of all of the different stages in Israel’s coronavirus response, and how the response has tracked with the spread of the virus itself. That’s why we’ve created this interactive timeline, which we will be updating regularly.

It is best to view the timeline in fullscreen (which you can do by clicking on the square icon). You can zoom in and out to explore the broader picture or specific events, search for key words, and click on any picture to see more detailed information.

On the graph below, the pink curve shows the average positive coronavirus test results in the preceding 7 days. A key reason to use the positivity rate rather than total number of infections is that it gives us a sense of the prevalence of infection in the population at any point in time without being subject to fluctuation in the number of people tested during different time periods. This is a standard indicator of the speed of disease spread, widely used in the media, by government officials, and others to summarize the trajectory within countries. The 7-day average also helps to account for fluctuations on any given day (for example, fewer people go for testing on Saturdays).

The timeline currently includes data through August 26, 2021.

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