Director of Research


January 2018

Job Description: Director of Research

The Director of Research serves as the head of the Taub Center’s research department, reporting directly to the Executive Director. This part-time position allows for academic or other professional commitments beyond the Taub Center and is based primarily in the Taub Center’s Jerusalem office in Rehaviya. The Center’s mission is as follows:

“The Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel is an independent, nonpartisan, socioeconomic research institute based in Jerusalem. The Center conducts high-quality, impartial research on socioeconomic conditions in Israel, and develops innovative, equitable and practical options for macro public policies that advance the wellbeing of Israelis. The Center strives to influence public policy through direct communications with policy makers, and by enriching the public debate that accompanies the decision-making process.”

Areas of Responsibility

The Director of Research is responsible for implementing the Center’s interdisciplinary social policy research program. A core element of the position involves providing mentorship to the Center’s researchers, particularly a cohort of in-house primarily MA-level researchers; identifying core Israeli social policy research questions; ensuring the publication of high-quality and trustworthy research at the highest of academic standards; planning and managing a research publications calendar; serving as a liaison between the Center’s researchers and the Executive Director; and working with the marketing team to determine the dissemination priorities of each research publication.

The Director of Research ultimately draws upon his/her expertise to oversee the successful completion of research projects undertaken by the Taub Center, provide guidance to and manage the team conducting the research, and take steps necessary to advance research findings in line with the Center’s mission.

The Director of Research also serves as a prominent public representative of the Taub Center, presenting the Center’s research findings to a variety of groups, meeting with key stakeholders (e.g., policymakers, journalists, etc.) to advance the impact of the research, and cultivating relationships with external research partners and stakeholders.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Recognized academic expertise related to one or more of the Center’s policy program areas (macroeconomics, healthcare, welfare, education and labor market)
  • Established record of academic level publication
  • Advanced degree in a relevant field such as economics, sociology or public policy (Ph.D. preferred)
  • Proven ability and experience in training, developing, and mentoring other researchers, helping them resolve challenges as they arise and cultivating their ability to engage in independent research
  • Expertise in econometric analyses, including fluency in statistical analysis programs such as STATA
  • Excellent spoken, written and presentation skills in Hebrew and English, including the ability to convey complex concepts to non-technical readers and listeners
  • Organizational skills, including the ability to establish plans and implement them effectively, and manage numerous projects underway.

Qualified candidates are requested to submit their candidacy to:

      The Taub Center is an equal opportunity employer. 

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