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  • At the start of the war, the social welfare system was already in danger of collapsing. To address this issue, John Gal, Principal Researcher and Welfare Policy Program Chair, and Idit Weiss-Gal of TAU School of Social Work, propose some crucial measures that need to be taken in the short term in order to help all those in need.



  • Apart from the many problems that will accompany the members of bereaved families following the attack on October 7th, the loss of a family member has an additional important detrimental effect on young children – it lowers their educational achievements. The study found that the likelihood of a child who experienced a death in his nuclear family of qualifying for a bagrut certificate is 26% lower than that of their peers.



  • Prof. Benjamin Bental, Principal Researcher and Economics Policy Program Chair at the Taub Center, explores the economic and social ramifications of the war, including the assessment of conflict costs, its impact on various industries, on the workforce, and potential policy solutions to mitigate adverse effects.


  • Miri Eisin, incoming Chair of the Taub Center Board of Directors, shared her perspectives on the Hamas attack on Israel, on the war, and the challenges of those who have been evacuated from the Gaza surroundings. Eisin is a retired army colonel and Managing Director of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, Reichman University.