Founded in 1982, the Taub Center provides the country’s top policy makers and the general public with a professional, “big picture” perspective, as well as policy options, in the economic and social spheres.  The Center’s five interdisciplinary Policy Programs in education, labor, social welfare, health, and economics bring together prominent academic researchers and leading experts from the policy realm.  Together, these policy fellows and Taub Center researchers carry out collaborative discussions and cutting-edge analyses of the nature, source, scope, and resolution of some of the most severe challenges facing Israel today.

The Taub Center’s key research publications include the annual Singer Series State of the Nation Report: Society, Economy and Policy and its new companion piece, A Picture of the Nation: Israel’s Society and Economy in Figures.  These publications are written in non-technical language and provide an easy-to-understand overview of Israel’s core socioeconomic challenges.  The Center also publishes the monthly Rosshandler newsletter and Policy Briefs that feature short, professional analyses on current issues.  Taub Center researchers, policy fellows, and experts prepare policy papers which are published and disseminated to a wide audience within Israel and abroad.  Taub Center publications are freely accessible to anyone interested in Israel’s economy and society.

The Taub Center shares its research findings with Israel’s leading decision makers – including cabinet ministers, Knesset members and professional staff at all levels – the country’s key media outlets, social organizations, and those inside and outside Israel with a vested interest in the nation’s future.  The Center relies on a variety of traditional and innovative mediums, including written publications, lectures, personal meetings, special events, the Israeli and international press, videos, and social media, to infuse the policy debate in and about Israel with the key facts.

The Taub Center’s professionalism and unique apolitical and independent status make it a valued, credible source.  Prominent policy makers from across the political spectrum frequently cite Center research findings and seek consultations with its experts.  In addition to connecting with policy makers, Center experts brief influential non-profit organizations, civil society leaders, students, foundations, Jewish federations, and others to ensure that field work and philanthropy are grounded in a solid understanding of Israel’s current challenges and opportunities, enabling an effective and impactful response from the field.  The Center also hosts the annual Singer International Conference on key policy areas, in addition to holding smaller, more targeted symposiums on specific research topics.