Population and Resource Distribution in Israel’s Major Cities


This paper is in Hebrew only....

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  • Arieh Hecht Marina Kunin

A Decade Without a Housing Policy: How the Government Withdrew Support for Housing & the Social Protests of Summer 2011


 Indeed, in the decade preceding the protests, the government withdrew from the housing market despite its involvement since the state’s...

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  • Gilat Benchetrit

Merging Small Municipalities


Israel has scores of small municipalities with populations of under 6,000 residents. Such localities have difficulty supplying a full spectrum...

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  • Taub Center Staff

Municipal Amalgamation in Israel: Lessons and Proposals for the Future


According to an estimate based on the results of the municipal amalgamations reform carried out in Israel in 2003 (Reingewertz,...

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  • Yaniv Reingewertz

Bumps on the Road Towards Making the Desert Bloom


As a country with an average of just 40 to 50 days of rain a year in its coastal region...

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  • Taub Center Staff

The Water Economy of Israel


Recently, the water sector has undergone major changes, amongst them: the growth of seawater desalination plants, the limiting of the...

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  • Yoav Kislev

The 2010 Social Survey


The past year has seen a trend towards an improvement in the “Social Confidence Index,” that is tempered by population...

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The State Budget in the Water Economy in the Last Decade


In the last decade the lion’s share was allocated to supporting investment in sewage systems and recycling facilities. The budgets...

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  • Yoav Kislev Yulia Cogan
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