The Impact of the Coronavirus on the Economy of Israel: An Overview


The coronavirus crisis has had a major impact on trends in the Israeli economy. The researchers at the Taub Center...

Population Projections for Israel, 2017-2040


In demographic terms, Israel is a unique country: it is characterized by an unusual combination of high fertility rates, low...

The problem that won’t go away – Israel’s growing deficit


As we transition into a new year and new decade, there are many indications that Israel’s macroeconomic situation is relatively...

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  • Taub Center Staff

The Israeli Economy: An Overview


In recent years, the Israeli economy has displayed relatively stable growth and a tight labor market. However, the country's per-capita...

Happy birthday to Israel! The country’s economy at 71


In the short term, it appears that the past few years have been economically robust for Israel in many respects:...

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  • Taub Center Staff

Why are there so many children in Israel?


Fertility in Israel stands at 3.1 children per woman – the highest fertility rate in the OECD, and almost one...

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  • Taub Center Staff

Household Debt in Israel


Executive Summary The level of household debt in Israel (as a percentage of GDP) is low compared to many developed...

Economic growth and workforce diversity go hand in hand


As we say goodbye to 2018 and start the new calendar year, Israel’s labor market continues to be strong and...

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  • Taub Center Staff
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