How Much Can the Israeli Start-Up Nation Continue to Grow?


Israel is considered the “Start-Up Nation,” but the high tech sector accounts for only about 8% of total employment. Nonetheless,...

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  • Gilad Brand

Causes of the Widening Productivity Gaps Between Israel and the OECD: A Multiyear Industry-Level Comparison


This chapter presents a novel detailed multiyear industry-level comparison of labor productivity growth in Israel and in 12 OECD countries...

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  • Eitan Regev Gilad Brand

The Dual Labor Market: Trends in Productivity, Wages and Human Capital in the Economy


The Israeli economy is characterized by a severe duality. At one end are the advanced high-tech industries, with high and...

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  • Gilad Brand Eitan Regev

The Shadow Economy in Israel


It is estimated that halving the size of the shadow economy would increase state revenues by 3-4 percent of GDP,...

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  • Noam Gruber

Foreign Workers Displacing Less Educated Israelis


The number of foreign workers in Israel has risen from a negligible number two decades ago to today’s situation where...

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  • Taub Center Staff