Bequething of Economic Assets – Home Ownership


It is part of a more extensive study based on a comprehensive survey, in which 1,600 people were chosen randomly...

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  • Seymour Spilerman

Population, Resources and Welfare


This publication is available by request and is in Hebrew only....

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  • Yaakov Kop

Social Service Expenditure in 1986/87: Where Do We Go From Here?


One of the most troubling findings in the study of Israel's social situation today may be the perceptible slack in...

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  • Israel Katz

The Cost and Allocation of Social Services, and Priorities in Social Policy


Recurrent breakdowns in the running of the health and education systems, coupled with persistent claims - voiced by many politicians...

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  • Haim Barkai

National Expenditure for Social Services


Even relatively small sums have become the subject of difficult negotiations. It is therefore worthwhile to review national expenditures on...

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  • Gur Ofer