The fourth first day of school in a year


We are nearing the one-year mark since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and, once again, students have started to...

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  • Taub Center Staff

The Education System in Israel in the Time of the Coronavirus: Three Alternative Frameworks


The Ministry of Education’s workplan for operating the system since the onset of the crisis has included reinforcing the infrastructure...

Opportunities and Risks to the Education System in the Time of the Coronavirus: An Overview


The education system in Israel, as in other countries, is currently in crisis. The lockdowns imposed to stop the spread...

Educational Frameworks for Young Children and Academic Achievement in Israel


Executive Summary Early childhood is a critical period for human development, and gaps developed during these years tend to persevere...

Expenditure Per Class and Per Student in the Primary School Education System


Executive Summary The Ministry of Education has two overarching goals that often stand in opposition to one another – narrowing...

The Education System: An Overview


Since 2010, Israel's education budget has grown faster than the number of teachers; the number of teachers has grown faster...

Educational Inequality in Israel: From Research to Policy


Despite pervasive differences of opinion and ideological battles within Israeli society, there is one subject where there is complete agreement...

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Do the different stages of early childhood affect children differently?


When researchers study inequalities in society and opportunities for social mobility, they often try to determine the sources of these...

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