New preschool standards for a new year


As it does every year, September 1st marked the start of the new school year for Israeli children. This year,...

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  • Taub Center Staff

Bringing Israel’s South to the center of the policy discussion


The general perception of Israel’s geographic periphery, namely the country’s North and South, is that these regions contain larger concentrations...

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  • Taub Center Staff

The fourth first day of school in a year


We are nearing the one-year mark since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and, once again, students have started to...

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  • Taub Center Staff

Opportunities and Risks to the Education System in the Time of the Coronavirus: An Overview


The education system in Israel, as in other countries, is currently in crisis. The lockdowns imposed to stop the spread...

The Education System in Israel in the Time of the Coronavirus: Three Alternative Frameworks


The Ministry of Education’s workplan for operating the system since the onset of the crisis has included reinforcing the infrastructure...

Educational Frameworks for Young Children and Academic Achievement in Israel


Executive Summary Early childhood is a critical period for human development, and gaps developed during these years tend to persevere...

Early Childhood Education and Care in Israel Compared to the OECD: Enrollment Rates, Employment Rates of Mothers, Quality Indices, and Future Achievement


Executive Summary This study presents data on the characteristics of early childhood education frameworks in Israel in comparison to other...

Expenditure Per Class and Per Student in the Primary School Education System


Executive Summary The Ministry of Education has two overarching goals that often stand in opposition to one another – narrowing...

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