Supervised Daycare for Infants in Arab Society: Enrollment, Barriers and Policy Recommendations


Among researchers and professionals in the field of early childhood, there is currently a broad consensus that comprehensive, accessible and...

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  • Taub Center Staff

Youth Bulge, Violent Crime, and Shortages in the Israeli Arab Marriage Market


There is broad consensus in the literature regarding the positive correlation between, on the one hand, a large cohort of...

Enrollment of Arab Children in Supervised Daycare


Currently, there is broad consensus among researchers and professionals that comprehensive, accessible, high-quality education frameworks for young children (from birth...

Preschool Attendance through Age 3 and Its Impact on Academic Achievement in Grade 4


The environment during a child’s first years of life has a major impact on their life outcomes. Therefore, positive experiences...

As we approach the new academic year: Overeducation in Israel


The new academic year is approaching and this is a good opportunity to discuss higher education in Israel and the...

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  • Taub Center Staff
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