Executive Summary: Emerging Early Childhood Inequality: On the Relationship Between Poverty, Stress, Sensory Stimulation, and Child Development and Achievements


How do experiences in early childhood impact development and achievement? The academic literature indicates that there are various ways in...

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  • Taub Center Staff

Technological Education: Trends and Developments, 2006 to 2017


Under the last four education ministers, the Ministry of Education has focused much of its efforts on increasing the number...

The Israeli Education System: An Overview


The main developments in the education system in the last years have taken place over four dimensions of the system:...

The Determinants of School Budgets: Per Class and Per Student


The per class and per student budget (the study deals only with budgets allocated by the Ministry of Education) in...

Executive Summary: Arab Israeli Women Entering the Labor Market – Higher Education, Employment, and Wages


Usually, socioeconomic discussions about the Arab Israeli sector focus on the gaps that still exist between this sector and Jewish...

Executive Summary: Trends in Religiosity Among the Jewish Population in Israel


What will the religious makeup of Israel’s Jewish population look like in the coming decades? According to the projections of...