Do Bagrut Exam Accommodations Level the Playing Field or Magnify the Achievement Gap?


Over the past decade, the percentage of students receiving accommodations for learning disabilities during bagrut exams has steadily increased. As...

Expenditure per Student in High Schools in Israel


A new study by the Taub Center examines the expenditure per student in high school in Israel’s State school system,...

Who Provides Welfare and Education Services? Local Spending on Welfare and Education in Israel


In advance of the local authority elections which will take place at the end of the month, the Taub Center...

Early Childhood Education and Care in Israel: An Overview


In 2022 there were about 1,286,000 children from birth to age 6 in Israel, and by 2032 that number is expected to reach 1,476,000. Dr. Sarit Silverman and Dr. Carmel Blank, researchers at the Taub Center, focus on the unique challenges facing policy makers in order to improve the quality of early childhood education and care frameworks.

This research was generously supported by the Beracha Foundation, the Bernard van Leer Foundation, and Yad Hanadiv.