Financing the Israeli Healthcare System 1995-2005


This paper examines what has happened in practice to the system over the years with emphasis on how these changes...

Oral and Dental Health: The Responsibility of the State Towards Its Citizens


Morbidity is high and the disparities between population groups are substantial. Public spending on dental health care is the lowest...

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  • Tuvia Horev Jonathan Mann

The Plan to Reorganize Mental Health Services in Israel, 1972: Factors that Help and Hinder the Reform to Community-Based Mental Health Services


Since the mid-1970s the mental health services have attempted to decrease the number of psychiatric beds and decrease the number of services given...

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  • Uri Aviram Nicole Dahan

Enacting the National health Insurance Law: Why in 1994?


The legislation regarding national health insurance is among the most important pieces of social legislation of the past decade. Until...

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  • Bruce Rosen Gabi Ben nun

Health Policy and Legislation: Changing the Rules of the Game


Despite these improvements, there are gaps between population groups in Israel on every one of these indicators - in terms...

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  • Tuvia Horev

Health Care Services – 2006


The services are legislated by the National Health Insurance Law and are delivered at relatively low private cost. The achievements...

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  • Yaakov Kop (z”l)