Long Term Care in Israel


The population in Israel is aging rapidly and life expectancy is expected to continue to rise. The Taub Center is...

The Healthcare System in Israel: Between the New Normal and the Old One


The chapter on healthcare in the Taub Center’s State of the Nation Report 2023 presents a status report on the health and the healthcare system in Israel prior to the war, and shows some of the challenges and problems facing the system, and attempts to deal with these issues. The chronic shortage in the healthcare workforce is worsening and the number of hospital beds per populations continues to be low. On the other hand, there is a marked decline in infant mortality and a rise in the number of new licenses in the healthcare field. Taub Center researchers, Prof. Nadav Davidovitch, Natan Lev, and Dr. Baruch Levi show that Israel returned relatively quickly to the familiar, pre-pandemic old normal, characterized by a low rate of public expenditure on healthcare. However, Israel needs to adjust to the post-crisis new normal, which remains valid in the current reality of the war, while continuing to plan for the long term in order to optimally deal with the old and new challenges it faces.