The Battle Against the Coronavirus From the Perspective of the Healthcare System: An Overview


Executive summary Israel’s population is relatively young providing it with an advantage in responding to the coronavirus; however, the healthcare...

Physicians in Israel: Trends in Characteristics and Training


The total supply of physicians in any given location is determined by two factors: the number of individuals with a...

Coronavirus could accelerate automation in Israel’s labor market – are we prepared?


The way we work has changed drastically over the past several months, since the world was hit with the novel...

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  • Taub Center Staff

The coronavirus trajectory in Israel: planning, luck, and unintended consequences


The first wave of the spread of coronavirus in Israel has, in many respects, been viewed as a success. Compared...

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  • Taub Center Staff

The War on Coronavirus and Its Financing by the Israeli National Health Insurance


This study evaluates the willingness of Israeli society to make economic sacrifices to prevent deaths from coronavirus. How much should...

Can Israel’s coronavirus response protect a neglected healthcare system?


As of this article’s publication, Israel has been doing relatively well in the war against COVID-19 in comparison with other...

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  • Taub Center Staff

Anticipating the Total Mortality Impact of Coronavirus in Israel


The study’s authors do not expect the number of deaths from the virus to exceed several hundred. However, they highlight...

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