Inequality in Health and in the Healthcare System


There is a danger of these gaps being ignored within the health system. The Center calls for adopting a concrete...

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  • Leon Epstein Tuvia Horev

Health Services – 1997


This publication is available in Hebrew only....

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  • Yaakov Kop
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  • Arie Shirom Nahum Egoz Gabi Bennun Haim Doron Dan Michaeli Jacques Michel Dov Chernichovsky

Equity in the Israeli Health System


Examination of health system equity in the general context of economic and social development, and in particular in the context...

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  • Dov Chernichovsky Arie Shirom

Preventive Health Care Services in Israel: The Present Situation and Policy Alternatives


This publication is available upon request and is in Hebrew only....

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  • Arie Shirom

National Health Spending


This paper appears as a chapter in the Center's annual publication, Israel's Social Services 1987-1988. This publication did not appear...

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  • Gur Ofer

The Organization of Health Services in an Era of Economic Crisis


The views expressed by the participants are their own, and not necessarily those of the organizations they represent. This collection...

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  • Joel Blankett Kalman J. Mann Aviva Ron Eric Peritz Jacques Michel Arnold Rosin Lotte Salzberger Gabi Bennun Gur Ofer