The Labor Market in Israel: An Overview


Executive Summary Taub Center researchers Michael Debowy, Prof. Gil Epstein, and Prof. Avi Weiss looked at the Israeli labor market...

Childbirth does not affect the employment of all mothers in the same way


The postpartum period has a decisive impact on both the future of children and the career progression of their parents,...

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  • Taub Center Staff

Working from Home in Israel


Did women work more from home during the pandemic? Which occupations made it possible to work from home? How did...

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  • Taub Center Staff

Employment Characteristics of Parents of Children in Early Childhood


The employment of parents of children in early childhood is a topic of concern in many countries, but in Israel...

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  • Noam Zontag

Working From Home in Israel


The option of working from home made it possible for workers in many countries to maintain the economic activity during...

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