A Sociodemographic Profile of the South


The study maps out residents of the Negev by population group, type of settlement, household structure, and more. The study...

The Relationship Between Parental Stress and Young Children’s Screen Time During a COVID-19 Driven National Lockdown


With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the first lockdown in Israel, came a shutdown of economic activity, and...

Looking forward: How we move ahead a year after the coronavirus crisis struck Israel


In these early months of 2021, Israel has been both evaluating the scope of the losses experienced during this unprecedented...

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  • Taub Center Staff

Will women’s employment recover from the coronavirus?


The outbreak of the coronavirus in Israel and the subsequent economic lockdowns have resulted in many workers being laid off...

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  • Taub Center Staff

In the Wake of COVID-19 – Important Questions for Israel in 2021 and Beyond


Taub Center researchers have mapped out challenges and opportunities expected in the coming years in the fields of macroeconomics, the...

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  • Taub Center researchers

The Israeli Labor Market Under the Coronavirus Crisis: An Overview


Prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the labor market in Israel was tight, resilient, and characterized by full...

The Labor Market: An Overview


In 2019, labor force participation and employment rates were high (81% and 78%, respectively) and similar to their 2018 levels....

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