Israel’s Tight Labor Market: January to September 2023


Taub Center researchers Michael Debowy, Prof. Gil Epstein, and Prof. Avi Weiss describe the developments in the labor market following...

The October War and Its Impact on Israel’s Society and Economy


The October 7 War differs from any previous conflict that Israel has been involved in since 2000 with respect to...

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  • Taub Center researchers

Are you satisfied with your work? You must have good interpersonal relations


How satisfied are you with your work and how does it impact other areas of your life? Job satisfaction has...

Job Satisfaction in Israel


The research is available in Hebrew only Job satisfaction is influenced by a number of factors. Alongside the monetary rewards...

One-fifth of Israeli’s care for family members. What characterizes them?


A new study by the Taub Center examines the population whose needs and impact on the labor market is almost...

Migration Patterns in Mixed Cities in Israel: Socioeconomic Perspectives


Migration is a change in the permanent residence of a person or group. Migration studies differentiate migration between countries from...

Family member caregivers in Israel: Analysis, characterization, and the impact on the labor market


The full research is available in Hebrew only. In Israel, about 1.2 million people are family caregivers for those with...

In honor of International Women’s Day the Taub Center has published recent data on gender disparities in the labor market


A new study, published in time for International Women’s Day, presents recent data on gender wage gaps in the labor...

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  • Taub Center Staff