The 2008 Social Survey


As in previous years, this year’s survey included several questions that were phrased identically to those of earlier surveys; this...

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  • Taub Center Staff

Protecting Mortgage Holders


Until recently, this has been a rare phenomenon in Israeli society and appropriate methods for dealing with this have not...

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  • Gilat Benchetrit

Policy Guidelines for the Elderly in Israel


Demographic and social developments among the elderly are also presented as background for the discussion of issues of work and...

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  • Yaakov Kop Roni Barzuri

Personal Social Services – 1997


This publication is available in Hebrew only....

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  • Yaakov Kop

The Equality Dimension in the Activity of the Personal Social Services


In an examination of the issue of equality in the policies and activities of the personal social services, four main...

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  • Yosef Katan

Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union – Between Separatism and Integration


This publication is in Hebrew only and is available upon request....

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  • Moshe Lissak

Development of Personal Social Services: Processes and Trends in the 1980s and the Early 1990s


This publication is available upon request and is in Hebrew only....

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  • Yosef Katan

Welfare Profile of major Israeli Cities: Population, Immigration and Resources


This publication appears as a chapter in the Center's annual publication, Israel's Social Services 1992-1993 and is available upon request....

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  • Yaakov Kop Joel Blankett Dalit Nachshon-Sharon
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