Past Reports :

In 1985, the Center intensified its efforts to broaden and deepen the model of its annual report on the Allocation of Resources for the Human Services.

Beyond analysis of government expenditures and its use in the fields of income maintenance and social services in-kind, the Report reviews the development of needs in light of demographic trends and directs special attention to the immediate and longer-term implications of public expenditure on social services. Discussion of health and education adopts a more comprehensive yardstick of national expenditure. Alert to high proportion of social expenditure on income maintenance, it analyzes Israel’s incomes policy in 1985 – a rather turbulent year in socio-economic policy, with two “package deals” in which government, the employers and the Histadrut occupied center stage. Final, the Report addresses several fiscal welfare issues as well as housing assistance arrangements. Each study contributes in its own way to a more comprehensive review of social policy, its shaping and its implications.

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