Past Reports :

This is the Center’s annual publication on Israel’s economy and society.

This year’s publication includes the following chapters:

Government Expenditure on Social Services, Yaakov Kop, Joel Blankett, Dalit Sharon
Basic Commodity Subsidies and Income Distribution, Leah Ahdut, Ephraim Sadka
Research Conditions in Israeli Universities, Gideon Czapski
Feedback in the Israeli Education System, Zahava Sass
Development of Preschool Education in the Israeli Arab Sector, Farid Abu-Gosh, Shlomit Canaan
Demographic Changes and Social Services in Israel’s Major Cities, Yaakov Kop, Joel Blankett, Dalit Sharon
Jerusalem – Population and Services, Yaakov Kop, Joel Blankett, Dalit Sharon

This publication is available upon request.

Book chapters