Past Reports :

The Taub Center’s annual report presents a picture of Israel’s society and economy in 2018. The report contains 10 new research studies in the fields of macroeconomics, employment, education, health, and welfare, as well as executive summaries of other studies published by the Taub Center over the past year. The editor of the report is Prof. Avi Weiss, President of the Taub Center and Professor of Economics at Bar-Ilan University.

We are pleased to present the Herbert M. Singer Annual Report Series, State of the Nation Report: Society, Economy and Policy in Israel 2018. The chapters that appear in this volume deal with a wide variety of subjects and are based on unique studies that show the many faces of the socioeconomic situation in Israel today. There are many things to learn about social policy from the subjects surveyed in this year’s book; and there are many things to take away about how to improve the welfare of Israel’s citizens.

Book chapters