Migration Patterns in Mixed Cities in Israel: Socioeconomic Perspectives


Executive Summary A study conducted by the Taub Center examines migration patterns within Israel between 2017 and 2020 by socioeconomic...

Demographic Trends in Israel: An Overview


Key findings: A rise in mortality rates and a drop in life expectancy: The Covid-19 pandemic has driven mortality levels significantly...

Youth Bulge, Violent Crime, and Shortages in the Israeli Arab Marriage Market


There is broad consensus in the literature regarding the positive correlation between, on the one hand, a large cohort of...

Bringing Israel’s South to the center of the policy discussion


The general perception of Israel’s geographic periphery, namely the country’s North and South, is that these regions contain larger concentrations...

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  • Taub Center Staff

A Sociodemographic Profile of the South


This study focuses on changes in the sociodemographic and economic profile of Israel’s Southern District, which broadly includes the Negev....

Population Projections for Israel, 2017-2040


In demographic terms, Israel is a unique country: it is characterized by an unusual combination of high fertility rates, low...

Anticipating the Total Mortality Impact of Coronavirus in Israel


The study’s authors do not expect the number of deaths from the virus to exceed several hundred. However, they highlight...

Israel’s Exceptional Fertility


It is widely known that fertility levels in Israel exceed fertility levels in all other developed countries, and that this...

Socioeconomics in Israel at a glance: what is the picture of the nation?


The Taub Center’s A Picture of the Nation 2018, generously supported by the Koret Foundation, presents a complex picture of...

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  • Taub Center Staff

The Demographic Cost: Birth Rates and Achievement on International Tests


Research has shown that these two variables, family size and class size, adversely affect academic achievement. International studies show that...