Alex Weinreb

Research Director

Professor Alex Weinreb is the Research Director at the Taub Center. He is a Professor in the Department of Sociology and was a director of the Health and Society undergraduate major at the University of Texas in Austin. Prior to his move to UT, he was a Lecturer in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Hebrew University.


Professor Weinreb is a social demographer whose work has focused primarily on population change in developing countries—he spent lots of time running NIH-funded research projects in sub-Saharan Africa. He has also worked extensively on cross-cultural measurement issues and, most recently, on Jewish population issues. Professor Weinreb has published many journal articles, co-authored Religion and AIDS in Africa (OUP, 2012) and is currently finalizing a second book manuscript The Mismeasure of Society: How Western Survey Traditions Misrepresent Poor Countries.


Professor Weinreb received his PhD in Demography and Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania, and was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Demography at the Population Research Center at the University of Chicago. He has a BA in Philosophy and Politics from the University of Durham (UK).



Alex Weinreb