Dov Chernichovsky

Former Principal Researcher and Health Policy Program Chair

Professor Dov Chernichovsky passed away on January 2021 he was a Professor Emeritus of health economics and policy in the Department of Health Administration at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, and a state-appointed chair of the Israeli National Nutrition Security Council.

Dov headed the Health Policy Program at the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel, and served on the boards of the Israeli Cancer Society and the Association for the Advancement of Education in Israel. Dov was a retiree and consultant for the World Bank, and was a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). He has also worked as a consultant with major pharmaceutical companies including Teva, Abbvie, and Takeda on innovative approaches for navigating rapidly changing social and medical environments.

Mainly on behalf of the World Bank, Dov worked in Australia, Botswana, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czechoslovakia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Romania, and Russia.

Dov was a leading writer on health system finance, organization, and reform. Dov has published in the New England Journal of MedicineHealth AffairsThe Milbank Quarterly, and other major scientific journals. He was on the boards of several such journals.

Dov was a member of the State Commission of Inquiry into the Israeli Health Care System that led to the national health insurance legislation enacted in Israel in 1995, served on other national committees, and was an adviser to the Israeli parliament on health system issues. Dov maintains a leading role in the health policy dialogue in Israel and internationally.

His latest major work involved proposals to institute national long-term care insurance in Israel, to improve healthcare in the Israeli Arab population, to reform hospital reimbursement and finance, to use Fuzzy Logic for prioritization of new technologies, to employ Big Data and Machine Learning for risk adjusted (capitation) allocation mechanisms, and to finance and organize the Israeli healthcare with a view towards the future.