Mira Golan

Chief Financial, Human Resources and Marketing Officer

Mira Golan is the Director of Finance, Human Resources and Marketing at the Taub Center for Social Policy studies in Israel. She is responsible for all areas of financial operations and human resources at the Center.

Mira has a long background with the medical device and healthcare industry in Israel and worldwide. She has a great deal of experience with establishing global relationships, strategic partnerships and leading business development strategic processes. Specialized in expanding new products offering, market penetration, mergers and acquisitions, competitive analysis, market research, finance strategy and implementation of business plans improving growth capabilities.  She is a licensed CPA, has a BA in economics and accounting from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and a Master of Science Management in information systems and innovation from the Polytechnic institute of New York University. Mira is married to Shmulik and mother to Ilay and Lia.