Yossi Shavit

Principal Researcher and Early Childhood Development and Inequality Initiative Chair

Yossi Shavit is the Weinberg professor of sociology at Tel Aviv University. He is now the Chair of Early Childhood Initiative at the Taub Center. He specializes in the study of stratification processes with an emphasis on education and educational policy. He is also studying ethnic relations and immigration.
Shavit has also led several internationally comparative studies on social inequality. These include a study of stability and change in inequality of educational opportunity (Persistent Inequality, 1993); a study on country differences in the way young people make their way from school to the labor market (From School to Work, 1998), and on inequality in higher education (Stratification in Higher Education, 2007). He has also published many research papers on social inequality, ethnic relations and education in Israel and elsewhere.
Shavit completed his doctoral studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and won Alon and Spencer fellowships. He has previously served as Professor at the European University Institute, has served as the President of the Israeli Sociological Association, and heads Taub Center’s Initiative on Early Childhood Development and Inequality