Senior Management

Avi Weiss Avi Weiss President
Liora Bowers Liora Bowers Chief Financial & Operating Officer
Alex Weinreb Alex Weinreb Research Director
Michal Pozmanter Michal Pozmanter Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships

Principal Researchers

Nachum Blass Nachum Blass Principal Researcher and Education Policy Program Chair
Benjamin Bental Benjamin Bental Principal Researcher and Economics Policy Program Chair
Nadav Davidovitch Nadav Davidovitch Principal Researcher and Health Policy Program Chair
Gil Epstein Gil Epstein Principal Researcher
Yossi Shavit Yossi Shavit Principal Researcher and Early Childhood Development and Inequality Initiative Chair
John Gal John Gal Principal Researcher and Welfare Policy Program Chair

Senior Researchers

Carmel Blank Carmel Blank Senior Researcher
Yael Navon Yael Navon Senior Researcher
Labib Shami Labib Shami Senior Researcher
Sarit Silverman Sarit Silverman Senior Researcher


Haim Bleikh Haim Bleikh Researcher
Michael Debowy Michael Debowy Research Assistant
Yuval Levy Yuval Levy Research Assistant
Shavit Madhala Shavit Madhala Researcher
Ori Oberman Ori Oberman Research Assistant
Kyrill Shraberman Kyrill Shraberman Researcher
Dana Shay Dana Shay Researcher
Rachel Arazi Rachel Arazi Visiting Researcher
Baruch Levi Baruch Levi Visiting Researcher


Ayelet Kamay Ayelet Kamay Publications Director
Laura Schreiber Laura Schreiber Senior Publications Manager

Strategic Partnerships

Arielle Avraham Arielle Avraham Grants and Donor Relations Coordinator

Marketing, Communications and Government Relations

Anat Sella-Koren Anat Sella-Koren Director of Marketing, Communications and Government Relations
Rachelli Gresser Rachelli Gresser Marketing and Government Relations Coordinator
Lior Morag Lior Morag Digital Media Associate


Dudu Barazani Dudu Barazani Maintenance
Talia Peckerman Talia Peckerman Governance and Operations Manager
Hedva Elmackias Hedva Elmackias Office Manager

Past Directors