The COVID-19 crisis and its impact on the education system: First impressions


Prof. Andreas Schleicher in conversation with the fellows from the Forum on Education in Israel

Prof. Andreas Schleicher is the Director for Education and Skills and Special Adviser on Education Policy to the Secretary General of the OECD in Paris. He heads the International Program for Student Evaluation in the OECD (PISA exams). Prof. Schleicher agreed to join the Taub Center and Prof. Zmira Mevarech, the past chief scientist of the Ministry of Education, for a discussion with this Education Forum in Israel.1 The forum convened on November 26, 2020, with the participation of about 150 educators. Most of the questions were sent to Prof. Schleicher ahead of the meeting and Prof. Mevarech presented them for discussion. The discussion summary is in the format of questions and answers.

A few of the questions Prof. Schleicher addressed:

* In the last decade, we seem to talk a lot about the importance of creativity, critical thinking and other 21st century skills. Does the pandemic provide a good opportunity for advancing these 21st century skills? And if so, how? And if not, why not?

* For years, research in education has addressed the issue of class size. What is the trade-off between class size and classroom time, from both economic and pedagogical points of view?

* What is the impact of the pandemic on the role and character of schools? Is Zoom a solution?

* What is the impact of the pandemic on teacher preparation, professional development and on the job training?

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