Viral Economics – The Social and Economic Aspects of the Pandemic


Research, data and commentary by Taub Center experts on the coronavirus outbreak

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Research and data

Future Labor Market: Coronavirus could accelerate automation in Israel’s labor market – are we prepared?

Alex Weinreb about the second wave of the Coronavirus

More by Alex Weinreb: Israel’s second wave in international perspective

New Research: The Coronavirus Crisis and Its Impact on Women in the Labor Market:  Permanent Damage or a Short-Term Setback with Long-Term Potential?

Read all about Israel’s economy before and after the coronavirus crisis

We’ve asked Prof. Benjamin Bental a few questions about the country’s economic exit strategy: The challenges facing Israel’s economy

Bulletin Article:  The coronavirus trajectory in Israel: planning, luck, and unintended consequences

Research: The War on Coronavirus and Its Financing by the Israeli National Health Insurance

How to actually read and understand the data presented in the media? Reading coronavirus: pandemic ABCs

ResearchAnticipating the Total Mortality Impact of Coronavirus in Israel

Why is Israel’s coronavirus mortality rate so low? In part, age structure

In our blogWill Israel’s vital workers during coronavirus be vital workers in another 20 years?

Bulletin Article: Why do Israeli parents struggle to find work-life balance?

Commentary on Israel’s COVID19 Stimulus Package :Prof. Avi Weiss on i24 News


Suzanne Patt Benvenisti writes in Times of Israel about the possible implications of remote learning on children from lowest income families

Prof. Yossi ShavitTo Tackle Inequality in Israel, We Need to Look to Early Childhood

Liora Bowers calls: Employers, let your staff stay home

Dov Chernichovsky, Alex Weinreb  and Avi Weiss: If My Grandmother Had Had Wheels (to Scoot Away from the Grandkids), We Wouldn’t Have Needed a Lockdown …

Carmel Blank: The coronavirus is also affecting gaps in early childhood

Taub Center Director General Suzanne Patt Benvenisti writes in The Times of IsraelDistance learning must be accessible for all

Nachum Blas wondered: Will we miss the opportunity to lower the number of students per class to 25?

Recent Posts

International Women’s Day is a good opportunity to reflect on efforts to promote equality in the labor market and the latest developments in this area


As International Women’s Day approaches, I take the opportunity to reflect on the latest developments and trends in the efforts

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Why did the Ministry of Education fail to achieve the goals of the amendment to the Special Education Law?


Four years after ratifying Amendment No. 11 to the Special Education Law, the Ministry of Education admits its failure to

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To our good health


[caption id="attachment_85585" align="aligncenter" width="401"] Taub Center President, Prof. Avi Weiss[/caption] Prof. Sir Michael Marmot from University College London delivered the

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Dilemmas and Developments in Early Childhood Care in Israel


You are invited to  the Taub Center's Initiative on Early Childhood Development and Inequality conference on Dilemmas and Developments in