Tova Cohen


Tova is responsible for managing the activities and ensuring excellence in the realm of governance at the Taub Center. The core of her work involves coordinating with and carrying out decisions of the organization’s lay leaders. She is also involved in implementing strategy, tracking and reporting on the Center’s impact, disseminating the Center’s research to policy makers, and a number of other special projects.


Tova moved to Israel in 2014 after completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU Boulder). Both during and prior to university, Tova followed her passion for policy and community organizing. While at CU Boulder, she interned in the office of United States Congressman Jared Polis (now Governor of Colorado), volunteered for a US Presidential Campaign, and was involved in a number of student groups on campus. At 17 years old, Tova was among the founders of Garin Tzedek, a group of gap year students volunteering with African asylum seekers in Israel, and at 18, Tova was the leader of this program.


In 2019, Tova completed her Master’s Degree in Political Science and Political Communication at Tel Aviv University, where she developed an expertise in the effects of modern technology and new media on the political process. She lives in her favorite city in the world, Tel Aviv.