“Donate today and help improve Israeli society, one data point at a time”


Before 2017 ends, show your support for a better Israel by supporting the Taub Center’s research.

  1. What kind of impact does Taub Center research have on Israeli society?

michalThrough our research we make sure to provide Israeli decision makers and the Israeli public with a picture of the most pressing issues affecting Israeli society. This information is equally relevant for international groups working with Israel, and in that vein we make an effort to reach global leadership with a vested interest in Israel’s future as well. We shed light on both positive and negative trends relating to Israel’s economy and society.

As an independent and non-partisan research institution, we are in a unique position to be a trusted and reliable resource for anyone and everyone interested in Israel’s socioeconomic situation. And, we provide all of this information for free.

  1. Why support the Taub Center?

I know a research institute might not be the first place you think of when planning your annual charitable donations. But, especially in the era of “alternative facts,” it is so important to have data that everyone – from all across the political spectrum – can rely on. We provide this kind of information because we think that all policy, social movements, and civil society programs should be based in solid, well-researched data. Here at the Taub Center we think that facts should lead the way to a stronger Israeli society.

  1. Is it true that the Taub Center doesn’t accept any funding from the Israeli government?

In order to maintain our independence, the Taub Center does not accept any government funding. At all. This allows us to be a trusted source of information for all Israeli citizens and leaders. In order to do all of the work we do, and make all of our material available for free to the public, we rely entirely on private support from people like you.

  1. How does contributing to the Taub Center make a difference? Where is my money going?

The funds we collect make all of the Center’s activities possible. Firstly, it enables us to do the research – to have top quality experts in the field, access to relevant databases, and other key resources. Secondly, it allows us to host lectures and conferences (such as our recent Herbert M. Singer International Policy Conference – “Educational Inequality in Israel: from Cradle to University”) and to disseminate our research findings in accessible and creative ways to anyone who wants to be better informed.

  1. Why donate now?

This year, in anticipation of Israel’s 70th birthday, we’ve launched a campaign to make Israel better by working together. Everything we raise between now and December 31st will allow us to look back and think ahead, shedding light on the most critical issues in Israel. And, even more importantly, it will enable us to make sure this information gets into the hands of the leaders who make decisions in Israel and the public who drive their priorities. Donate today and help improve Israeli society, one data point at a time.

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